Accountants support math in schools

Since the beginning of the 2012/2013 academic year, the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education has introduced a programme called “Maths Recovery” in government primary schools. 

The programme allows teachers to diagnose children’s difficulties and to provide intense individual support. The training also enables the teachers to work with whole classes in order to reduce the amount of students who fall behind in mathematics. 

In order to implement the programme, teachers in the government system had to be trained. This involved trainers from the United Kingdom coming to the Cayman Islands, along with a specialist in the Ministry of Education training the teachers over several weeks to be better able to diagnose various difficulties. 

The undertaking was made possible as the result of the support of the Cayman Islands Professional Accountants. At the moment, 22 teachers have benefitted from the programme. 

On Thursday, 10 January, the professional association also donated 16 mini-video cameras to the schools involved in the programme.  

Specialist Frand Eade said, “CISPA’s support has been outstanding and has helped us improve the teaching and learning of maths in our school system. Not only have they financially contributed to the programme but they have also provided 60 volunteers to support mathematics teaching in three of our primary schools to help our students directly in the classrooms. The schools that the volunteers assist at are George Town Primary, Red Bay Primary and Prospect Primary.” 

He added that the initiative was “wonderful because it allows our students to worked directly with well qualified people from math related professions and gives students great examples of how math is used in the working world”. 

James George, president of the professional association, said, “The organisation is proud to the development of Cayman’s youth through the Maths Recovery programme. Maths skills are crucial in today’s global environment and it is encouraging to see the enthusiasm that this programme has generated amongst both teachers and students.” 


Members of professional association stand with Red Bay Primary students and teachers. – PHOTO: STUART WILSON