Webb did remarkable job

All the way from Guyana, I’m writing to say that Jeffrey Webb, CONCACAF president, did Cayman proud for his recent skilful settling of a long-running dispute between the two soccer associations here. In a few short days, he was able to achieve surprisingly quick reconciliation between the Guyana Football Federation and the Georgetown Football Association and to do it in a professional behind-the-scenes manner where the only announcement was that agreement had been reached.

For this community, where most people know very little about the current CONCACAF president, the introduction was a very impressive one. While the FIFA ingredient in the meetings would have been a formidable lever, the football folks here were also clearly impressed by Jeff’s approach of stern messages delivered diplomatically, and an editorial in the local press has praised Jeffrey’s work here as producing “a clear roadmap to restore the integrity of soccer” in Guyana. It was a classy performance and I had it mind to invite him to a celebration pepper pot dinner, but when I called for that purpose he had left.

He may not be available, but I suggest we should try fitting Jeffrey with cricket pads and conscript him to do a similar mediation job in Guyana’s cricket where inter-association wars have been raging for some time.

Dave Martins


  1. Dave…

    I remember you in Cayman as a cultural icon and leading member of the Tradewinds Band, was it ?

    I don’t remember you as a part of Cayman’s football community so I’m not sure how much you know about Cayman’s football, both past and present.

    Jeffrey Webb is a product of Cayman’s football culture…and like it or not, what he has done in Guyana is exactly what he was elected as CONCACAF president, to do.

    Those of us who are football people from the roots appreciate Jeffrey Webb for the football administrator par excellence that he is…

    despite any other differences of opinion that we might share with him.

    Guyana is a football country in CONCACAF and the CFU (Caribbean Football Union) that has made great strides in the quality of its game in recent years and could be termed the most improved football team in the region.

    Lets hope that Webb’s efforts have not been wasted and that Guyana’s football will take the opportunity to continue to improve and put petty differences behind it.

    I still wish that I could read in the football press some of the things about Cayman’s football team that we have been reading about Guyana within the last 4 years or so.

    Obviously Mr. Webb still has much work to do on the football fields of Cayman, as he is doing in the football boardrooms of CONCACAF.

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