Scorpions retain their sting as the Misfits stumble in

The corporate division of co-ed softball is finally up and running after a short delay.  

The 2013 Winter Adult Co-ed Softball League saw beginners’ D-League matches this week. Games took place under the guidance of the Cayman Islands Little League Association at the Field of Dreams facility. 

Leading off on Tuesday were the PwC Scorpions and G-Force, the two holdovers from last season, with the Scorpions having advanced to the championship series. This year’s D-League figures to be vastly different with two new clubs in the Misfits and team Digicel. 

News of the D-League start comes after the other three, more competitive divisions began play in late January. The competition is in its third week and will last until early May, encompassing a 12-game regular season and a double elimination playoff tournament.  

Co-ed programme coordinator Alan Markoff said more than 500 men and women participate in the co-ed softball programme every year and that just about anyone can participate.  

“With four different leagues for different skill levels, there’s a place for everyone, from beginner to advanced player,” Markoff said. “The D-League is more about having fun and social interaction in a social setting. There is a competitive element to it, but not to the same degree as our other leagues. 

“Softball isn’t a sport only for athletes in great condition,” he added. “Softball can be enjoyed by people of all levels of fitness.” 

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