Man dies in North Sound

Police are investigating the death of a 21-year-old man who fell from a private boat in the North Sound Sunday.

The body of the victim, named by friends as Marco Rankine from Newlands, was recovered by Marine Unit officers around 9.17pm, a little over two hours after emergency services were alerted that he was missing overboard.

“Ten rescue boats from RCIPS Marine Unit together with Department of Environment, Fire Department and other private boat operators launched a search and rescue operation in the North Sound,” a police spokesperson said.

The man’s body was recovered near Booby Quay and taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


  1. This is so sad.

    I am sure I will of waved at that boat as we passed in the sound. I’m sure the thoughts of the whole Island are with his family and friends.

    I hope the public understands how well the emergency services did in locating Mr Rankine within 2 hours at night.

    I’ve spent many days on the water and it is often a dilema as to when to don the life vest so I am not criticising Mr Rankine, just a FYI for the novice boaters out there – Water temperatures in Cayman are sufficiently high, even at this time of year for someone to survive for days without significant problems, a life vest will keep you floating face up even if you aren’t concious and the safety colour, reflective strip and a strobe beacon allow emergency services to locate you far more rapidly.

    Elsewhere in the world self-inflating life vests are common and not as restricting nor do they leave you sweating like the full ones do.

    Sadly in Cayman we often seem to be charged duty on safety related equipment and while outfitting a yacht with 5 automatic vests can be done for about 400 in the keys, here it is more than double that.

    Come on CIG – drop duty on marine safety equipment, perhaps add a proviso that markup on such items must be less than 20% for importers to qualify for the Duty Free tariff. We don’t always make the right choice, but at least that choice shouldn’t be removed because it is prohibitively expensive.

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