‘Tuke the Turtle’ teaches

Children at George Town Primary School were treated to a presentation by the Central Caribbean Marine Institute and “Tuke the Specialist Turtle” on 7 February. 

“Tuke” told the children about his home as part of the exercise, as they watched an interactive display. 

His story is one of a young green sea turtle struggling to find his way in one of the most extraordinary places on Earth.  

After being ridiculed by his other marine inhabitants for being too small for his shell, the adolescent green sea turtle leaves his coral reef home in the waters off of Little Cayman in search of a world he hopes will appreciate him. “Tuke” is then befriended by a group of CCMI researchers, who convince him of his importance to his home.  

Written and illustrated by Chowder, Inc. for young readers, “Tuke the Specialist Turtle” is a story about growth, responsibility and protecting those special places that need our help.  

Through the Joanna Clarke Award, the marine institute will fund the printing of several hundred copies of the story to be disseminated to primary schools students throughout the Cayman Islands. 


Kate Pellow of the Central Caribbean Marine Institute stands ready wtih “Tuke the Specialist Turtle”. – PHOTO: STUART WILSON