Get prepared for arts exams at National Gallery

A weekly one hour preparation programme for A-level art students begins this Monday, 25 February at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands’ education centre. 

This provides a general visual arts education as both a primary source material and a focused preparation for the A level art exam, to complement preparation done at school. At A level and AS level there is a requirement to look at artists’ work first hand.  

The National Gallery’s permanent collection can and perhaps should be investigated as a primary source as valid as more famous international works. This can be a critical part of students’ written research. 


Potential and encouragement 

The programme develops the students’ creative potential, encourages them to be versatile, resourceful and reflective, and equips them to deal successfully with the practical problems and issues of preparing for the course. The weekly sessions are designed to contribute to a regular and sustainable discussion on artistic practice and the creative community that surrounds them. Its goal is the acquisition of communication skills, the development of critical perspective, and the mastery of the materials and intellectual premises of the study of art.  

Throughout the sessions, students are taught to be critical analysts of the world of contemporary visual communications, art and the culture at large. Integrated into positive critique is the exposure to Caymanian and non-Caymanian history of art as well as an introduction to theoretical issues that are the subjects of current debate in the field and that can be developed in the written essay and the chosen area of studies for the personal assignments.

The class, sponsored by Walkers, is free, but limited to six students. 

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