CITA asks candidates for positions on tourism issues

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association recently announced its membership’s top tourism issues and is now asking that all candidates seeking public office in the May general election state their positions on the issues.  

Beginning early this year, more than 250 association members – representing private sector tourism businesses in the Cayman Islands – have worked to reach a consensus on six critical issues affecting the industry in the Cayman Islands.  

The issues chosen included the cruise business, immigration, the cost of doing business, stay-over tourism and the airport, gaming and the environment.  

There is further consensus throughout the association’s membership that the state of the Cayman Islands tourism product is precarious and that the upcoming election is of the utmost importance.  

The association is requesting that all declared political candidates state their positions on each of these issues. To help facilitate the process, each candidate has been contacted by the tourism association and been provided with access to a private, online questionnaire allowing them to respond to questions regarding each of the topics. 

All candidates have been asked to provide feedback by 15 April, so that the association may share this information with CITA members during the organisation’s annual general meeting on 17 April. 

Jane van der Bol, executive director of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, said this process is a first for the group. She said the tourism association will announce which candidates have responded to the questionnaires the week 
of 18 April. 


The state of the cruise business in the Cayman Islands is among the top issues of concern voiced by members of the local tourism association. – Photo: Jeff Brammer

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