Supa Storm strengthens for Stars

April will bring more indoor netball in Cayman.

The Cayman Islands Netball Association is hosting its April Feature Round at Camana Bay’s Arts and Recreation Centre. Three matches in the association’s 2013 Open League will take place from 5.40pm.

Technical director for Cayman netball Gillian Lee said the contests should intrigue netball lovers.

“All these games will have bearing on the final placing for the Championship and the Plate Divisions,” Lee said. “With $3 entry, it would be great to see lots of spectators to watch some of the best netball in Cayman and support the netballers.”

Supa Storm, 4-1-0, will take on 2-1-2 Rising Stars B at 5.40pm in the Plate Division. At 7pm, 0-5 Unity face 3-3 Rising Stars A while 1-5 Flames Strikers challenge 6-0 All Stars A at 8.05pm.

Storm are coming off a rivalry game with 5-1 Cayman National Bank All Stars B on Thursday, while Rising Stars battled the 1-5 Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Renegades.

Storm, sponsored by Lone Star, featured in last month’s indoor games, beating All Stars B, 28-27. Storm head coach Milton Clarke said that victory has been the key moment of the season.

“The importance of that victory will be just as important as our seeding for the playoffs,” Clarke said. “Getting to the finals would be easier as the top seed. In the first game against All Stars, Supa lost by two points without me and with me Supa won by one point. That showed not only that I made a big difference, but that Supa really and truly wanted to score and win.”

Storm are not assured another indoor triumph though. On Saturday, they are expected to be without shooter Kristie Hurlston due to injury. Hurlston is third in her group in scoring with 90 goals, teammate Olivia Samuels is right behind her with 88 goals.

Clarke said Hurlston’s injury does not bode well for the future.

“It is a blow, I’m trying to work a player from Goal Keeper to Goal Shooter and I’m hoping that works,” Clarke said. “I have to weaken one part of the team to strengthen the other. It will be a bad omen because of the chemistry with Olivia and Kristie.”

Less than a month remains in the regular season with the national finals on 11 May. One team hoping that Storm stumbles along the way are the Renegades, who are tied with the 1-5 Jets at the bottom of the standings. Renegades have gone nearly two months without a victory despite decent offensive talent in Denise Anderson (34 goals) and Molly-Ann Moore (seven goals).

Moore said the season has had its growing pains.

“Seventy-five per cent of the girls have played well, considering they are new to the sport,” Moore said. “I have had to work with the girls and it’s been kind of hard considering I’ve played netball for years since I was a girl. I’m used to playing with women like Pauline Bodden and Nicola Williams, who have played a long time, know the game and understand how to use me properly.

“I won’t say we’ll win outright but I’m 100 per cent confident the Renegades will win a few games. The victories will build up the girls’ confidence and willingness to play.”

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