Armiger waves bye

The Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association will soon be losing its technical director, Ian Armiger, who only arrived from the UK last September. 

Swimming association president Peter MacKay said: “It is with great sadness that Ian has handed in his resignation and will be leaving us on 31 July. Ian has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Cayman and would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome he has received and the tremendous support from all in the community. 

“However, he has been involved in hands-on coaching in the high performance sport environment for many years and he is really missing this. He thought long and hard before resigning and is very concerned about letting Cayman swimming down, but I informed him he should do what he enjoys. “He hasn’t applied for any other job nor been sought for one,” MacKay said. “Ian misses his time as a full-time on-deck coach.  

“We will certainly miss Ian who in his short time here, working with the clubs and coaches, has assisted in raising standards, as was shown with the CARIFTA results.” 

Cayman came back with 14 medals, including three golds, four silvers and seven bronzes, from Jamaica. 

MacKay added: “The strategic plan he produced was praised by the Ministry of Sports as the best they had seen.  

“He is leaving a good legacy after his short time here. We obviously wish Ian and Sylvia well in the future and are glad they will be here until the end of the swim season to continue to assist the swimming association, the clubs, coaches and swimmers. 

“The CIASA board will, at its next meeting, form a selection committee to hire a replacement for Ian. He has agreed to serve on that committee, if asked.  

“The aim will be to have his replacement in place by the beginning of the next swim season. Ian has set a great foundation from which the swimming association will move forward. Here’s to further fast swimming 
in the future.” 

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