Online poll: The economy, crime seen as Cayman’s biggest issues

The economy and crime are seen as the biggest issues facing the Cayman Islands, according to the respondents of last week’s online poll. 

The largest segment of the 612 total respondents – 245 people or 38.1 per cent – pointed to the economy as the biggest issue.  

“It’s the economy, stupid,” said one person. “The majority of people and businesses are really hurting.” 

“The absence of a pragmatic plan to turnaround the economy, which must include training the Caymanians in the labour force to have a proportionate level of participation,” said someone else. 

Another large segment of respondents – 163 people or 25.4 per cent – said crime was the biggest issue. 

“Cayman is becoming Little Jamaica with all of its crime,” said one person. 

“This is the one issue none of the candidates really want to talk about,” said someone else. 

“Definitely crime,” commented another respondent. “Especially perpetrated by politicians.” 

Politics was the biggest issue facing Cayman for 67 people – 15.1 per cent. 

“Inept and corrupt politicians have put this country in dangerous territory,” said one person. “Competence and honesty are needed.”  

“All on the list are a result of poor leadership,” said someone else. 

“Dysfunctional party politics where elected representatives make decisions based on what’s good for their party and not the country have severely hurt the economy, which in turn has impacted the prevalence of crime and put strains on the immigration situation,” said another person. 

Sixty-one people – 9.5 per cent – said immigration was the biggest issue facing the Cayman Islands right now. 

“Stop importing poverty,” said one person 

Another 41 people – 6.4 per cent – said the biggest issue facing Cayman was over development. 

“Unsustainable development,” commented one person. 

Thirty-five people – 5.5 per cent – responded ‘other’ to the question, with five people commenting “all of the above”. 

“These options are not singular,” said one person. “They are all attached to the other. Our childish politics that have demonstrated poor decisions and mismanaged money. Selfish and self-serving endeavours have resulted in a lack of proper immigration that affects our economy and development. More people, no minimum wage, unemployment, poor parenting and lack of personal self-accountability leads to an increase in crime. Our government seems to like to keep people under-educated despite all their various platforms.” 

Five people cited corruption as the biggest issue facing Cayman now. 

“Institutionalised theft,” commented one person. “Top-down controls and new systems of governance are needed in the Cayman Islands government to preserve limited and reduced public revenue streams. A radical overhaul is needed.”  

Another three people said education was the biggest issue facing Cayman, the same number of respondents who said unemployment was the biggest issue.  

Other responses included: the “lingering taxation question”; the “abomination that is the George Town landfill”: the decline in cruise ship tourism and the lack of berthing dock; the high cost of living; the rollover policy; and the lack of Christian morals and values. 

Several people pointed to aspects of Caymanian-expatriate relations as the biggest issue facing Cayman right now. 

“Too much work permit holders,” said one person. 

“The xenophobic and racist attitude towards those who are not born Caymanian,” said someone else. “Terms such as ‘Paper Caymanian’ prove this point.” 

“The impression that locals come first no matter that situation,” commented another respondent. 

Next week’s poll question 

Do you think social media and Internet forum postings should be held to the same libel standards as traditional media? 

Yes in all cases 

Only in cases where an inaccurate posting is defamatory to an individual 

Only in cases where an inaccurate posting is defamatory to an individual or business 

No because social media is different than traditional media 

I don’t know

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  1. Excellent article by Alan Markoff. As a visitor I can go to any of the Caribbean islands. I always choose the Cayman Islands for the snorkeling and for relatively low crime rate. As the crime rate goes up the tourist value of the Caymanian experience goes down. Thus, high crime causes greater economic problems for the Caymans and vice-versa.

  2. As a victim of robbery here on the island for the 4th time, you have my answer. If the authorities don’t treat this as its #1 problem, tourism and the unease with the islands residents will undoubtedly prove to impact the islands economy negatively. We need tourism dollars and Cayman people to feel safe.

  3. The economy is the biggest issue. The results of a failed economy is the reason for high crime.
    The failed economy is caused by politricks failed immigration policy, and leaders that are not smart enough. How many things can you people get wrong.
    Current management is all messed up.
    Some of your leaders are your leaders because of the chaos. Until there are drastic changes it will only get worse.
    Some would say business is booming and things are wonderful.