Improve the tourism product

Again in short, please allow me to comment my opinion via this editorial column, but for the first time on the infamous to some individuals, partial West Bay Road closure.

Firstly, kudo’s to the previous/present government and the Dart group (ForCayman Investment Alliance) on the extraordinarily Public Beach revamp project that I am sure anyone with a good taste and an eye for beautification can very much appreciate and enjoy. My cap goes off to all those involved.

As for the partial West Bay Road closure, well, I must say, without stepping on any toes, that after all, from the get go, the West Bay Road/Seven Mile Beach corridor was designated as our main tourism industrialised area in Grand Cayman, just as other developing nations that also solely depend on tourism as their main gross domestic product has established on their territory.

Therefore, knowing this to be so on Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach area, I see nothing else but good results and progress in allowing whatever project is necessary to improve and enhance our tourism product along this industrialised corridor as was designated six or so decades ago.

Now, had our ancestors thought that walking, riding or driving along this mentioned road way with an unobstructed ocean view was of utmost great importance to their existence, I am sure they would have passionately protested on the move to develop and construct tourist accommodations on the beach side of the road as it is.

So, I say in closing, without prejudice, let us welcome and embrace any and all good/sound proposed gestures that may improve our tourism product along this Seven Mile Beach corridor that may become the envy of other tourist destinations.

With compliments to a better way forward.

Capt. O. Diaz


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