The future status quo

As we creep towards election day, a cacophony of pleas for votes overwhelm registered voters. Those with much to lose pursue those with nothing to lose. A complex picture is frequently presented when the decision will be simplicity itself. Inside the voting booth you will either seek change or persist with decades of the status quo.

If that which existed prior to the day of greatest possible change in the Cayman Islands pleases you – namely extravagant public projects, secretive agreements and no oversight – then the decision will be easy as pie.

Candidates should disclose their position on the commissioner of police contract renewal by the governor, which was selectively approved by the brother of one candidate. Depending on his position, that candidate should either be in the dog house or government house come May. It must be said that a two year extension would at its highest reflect the dismal performance to date. If the extensive renewal without public review or transparency has the appearance of a reward, the question should then be raised for what.

At least the commissioner was subject to some imaginary scrutiny that does not befall the highest law enforcement officer in the Cayman Islands. Not even Grand Court judges can scale the heights of tenure achieved by the attorney general who is not subject to review or oversight. Potential MLA’s should declare their intentions to remain with this Alice in Wonderland scenario or require periodic and transparent review of our highest public officers even if it requires a constitutional amendment.

Candidates who, by act or omission, endorse blanket approval of public officers who come up short can only expect to be ignored at the ballot box.

Those minded to seek change had best look to the future and not the past, provided the future swears to brave reform and accountability to include recall referendum of disappointing performers. Any hint of cronyism is cause to leave them out of the basket of votes.

It is much better to limit votes to candidates that we really desire than discharge all our votes in a barrage that can only ricochet and hurt us later.

Come election day, soberly do your duty for the children of the Cayman Islands.

Peter Polack

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