Candidates, parties respond to tourism industry questions

Eleven independent candidates and two political parties seeking elected office have responded to a comprehensive questionnaire put forth by the local tourism association requesting feedback from would-be lawmakers regarding issues facing the industry, the organisation’s executive director said Tuesday. 

With only a week remaining before voters head to the polls in the Cayman Islands on 22 May, Jane van der Bol, executive director of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, said her group is encouraging residents and those with an interest in the health and vibrancy of the country’s tourism product to visit the association’s website and review responses given by candidates. 

Ms van der Bol said the tourism association contacted all candidates and political groups, with 11 independent would-be legislators proffering answers. She added that representatives of the People’s Progressive Movement and People’s National Alliance parties responded on behalf of all their candidates, while the United Democratic Party answered queries by submitting its party manifesto, without individual candidate feedback. 

The tourism association posed potential lawmakers with questions about six topics deemed crucial by a consensus of the group’s membership, including the cruise business, immigration, the cost of doing business, stay-over tourism and the airport, gaming and the environment. 

Ms van der Bol said the tourism association also invited candidates – either as individuals or as part of their respective groups – to meet with members of the organisation’s board of directors to engage in group discussions. 

All questionnaire answers can be viewed on the Cayman Islands Tourism Association website.  

Ms van der Bol said the tourism association will not be endorsing individual candidates or parties. 

“Every effort was made to make this process as efficient and convenient for each candidate as possible by using a Web-based electronic form that allowed each candidate the opportunity to complete and submit their responses directly to [the Cayman Islands Tourism Association],” Ms van der Bol said. 


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