Get voting, chaps, the future of Cayman depends on it

It’s all about where to put your vote, isn’t it?  

Never mind the politics, though, what’s more important in Weekenderville this week is the news that you have until midnight tonight (Friday, 17 May, into Saturday, 18 May) to decide which your favourite movies are that have reached the finals of two special competitions. 

All in all there are 19 finalists in the Young Image Makers film competition and 10 in the Department of Tourism’s category, “Cayman Through My Eyes”. 

Rita Estevanovich of organisers Cayman National Cultural Foundation tells us that five films actually qualified for both competitions. 

“With over 70 entries this year between the two competitions, I’m pleased to see so many children interested in making videos and learning more about the process of filmmaking,” says our Reet. 

“Narrowing down entries to 20 or 30 films is never an easy task, but we all agree that those selected showcase students’ skill, creativity and potential. From horror to light-hearted subject matter as well as more serious pieces tackling social issues, the public will get to see a variety of short films and commercials made by talented youth 10 to 17 years of age. 

Don’t forget, she adds, that films from both the Young Image Makers and Cayman Through My Eyes will be screened at the Youth Film Fest red carpet premiere which takes place on 31 May at 6pm at the Harquail Theatre. 

Any other advice? 

“Get in touch for more details and come show your support.” 

As for the Cayman Through My Eyes element, Director of Tourism Shomari Scott expressed his pleasure at the high levels of the submissions and the keen interest that students have taken to showcase the Cayman Islands through their eyes.  

“It is so important for our youth to not only cultivate local film talent but to also be able to link this to what we offer here in Cayman,” he tells us. 

“In March, we had the pleasure of hosting International film producer and cinematographer Mr. Craig Atkinson as part of the Youth Film Fest in our efforts to reach out to the schools. His workshop on making documentaries had a resounding impact on those students that attended and it is proof that we are cultivating international interest in supporting film development within our local community.” 

The 2013 theme is Capturing our Culture: Dats who we is, he adds. 

You can vote at 


Finalists for Young Image Makers 

One Decision, Two Fates by Marianne McMuirdo, Cayman International 

High School Bullies by Vitoria Buttram, Clifton Hunter High 

The Witch’s Experiment by Khalia Gordon, Prospect Primary 

Fun Disaster by Avigail Ramirez, Prospect Primary 

Summer Camp by Jada Dunkley, Prospect Primary 

Reverse Video by Jagger Hope, Cayman International 

Foley by Francisco Monteiro, Cayman International 

Past Times by Tom Blake, Cayman Prep & High 

Sheol by Matthew Whittaker, Cayman Prep & High 

A Day in the Studio with Young Rappers by Alyssa Ebanks, John Gray High 

Bullying by Tariah Lemay, John Gray High 

Psycho by Jenessa Mohammed-Miller, John Gray High 

Ghostbusters by Kaleigh Thompson, John Gray High 

Paranormal Files by Eric Caraballo, Layman E. Scott High (Brac) 


Finalists for Cayman Through My Eyes 

Cracking Cayman Coconuts by Harriet Richardson, Cayman Prep – also entered in Young Image Makers 

Cayman Through My Eyes by Ashley Van den Bol, Cayman Prep – also entered in Young Image Makers 

A Search for Waves in Cayman by Devin-Ross Mouroa, Cayman International – also entered in Young Image Makers 

This is Our Paradise by Kasey-Anne Powell Clifton, Hunter High – also entered in Young Image Makers 

Living on a Rock, in the Sea by Mark Westin Seton, Home School – also entered in Young Image Makers 

Turtle Trailer by Matty Cooke, Cayman Prep & High 

Grand Cayman Attractions by Lia Piper, Cayman Prep & High 

Grandpa D and the Tourists by Zayda Rankine, East End Primary 

Coming Home by Oksana Miller, Home School 

Welcome to Paradise by Jaida Hurlston, John Gray High