CTA takes heritage to school

Some Clifton Hunter High School students are actively participating in a Caymanian heritage arts programme. 

“Bringing Heritage to Life” offer students the opportunity to learn all about Cayman traditions from local seniors employed with Cayman traditional Arts. 

“I have been learning different things about Cayman that I didn’t know before,” said student Yelena Rankine, 12. “We learnt things like how to make cassava cake, twist thatch rope and other things from our heritage. I had lots of fun twisting rope. The classes with Cayman Traditional Arts instructor Chris Christian are very interesting, knowledgeable and fun. I wish we did more stuff like this.”  

The programme, taught once a week on Wednesdays, covers traditions such as thatching, plating, games, local food and seafaring. 

“What Chris Christian and other CTA instructors are delivering to Year 8 students is an excellent piece of work,” said teacher Mark O’Sullivan.  

“The activities are challenging but achievable for the youngsters. The student’s work with sliver thatch has led to conversations that cover science, which can be related to the local environment, culture and history.” 

According to Mr. O’Sullivan, using older Caymanians to support the programme completes the link with the past by making sure young people meet and learn from the people who did it in the past, not just from books, videos or research. 

“I feel the students are learning the true meaning of being Caymanian; to be hard working and innovative because that is what this country demanded of its population in order to flourish.” 


RoseMay Ebanks teaches a student how to grate cassava. – Photo: Submitted

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