Nine arrested at George Town bar

Police and immigration officers arrested nine people Thursday at Archie’s Bar in George Town for drugs, gambling and immigration offences. According to police, they launched an “intelligence-led operation” at the Shedden Road bar at 10.35am Thursday morning, where they arrested nine people for various offences under the Misuse of Drugs Law, the Gambling Law and the Immigration Law.

Officers from the Drugs and Serious Crime Task Force, K-9, Air Support Unit, Uniform Support Group, the Operational Support Unit and the Immigration Department took part in the operation, during which vehicles and a substantial quantity of cash were seized.

Anyone who has information in relation to this is asked to contact the Criminal Investigation Department at 949-4222, the RCIPS tip-line 949-7777 or Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. I must support the police on this move, but I do hope it is not just limited to this one time and place.
    We had very few police many years ago, but they were very vigilant in their task force. Every week end there was a task force strike somewhere. Now, the police just drive around burning air-condition, and do not even turn heads to where all of these illegal gambling, drug selling, illegal immigrants gathering hole is taking place. Police in the olden days worked for their salary. There is so much crime committed in Cayman these days because the police is not being vigilant enough. Back in the day the police force had undercover cops on every corner in George Town, and there were only a hand full of police officers but they carried out searches every week night. So why can’t the police be doing the same thing now? Besides when the police arrest and search some of these people they need to get a search warrant and search their place where they are living, then they will find all the stolen copper, illegal drugs, gambling money and illegal liquor being sold. Not enough is being done.

  2. I just hope that they do keep coming again and again.. I saw a very large crowd in same area yesterday.. Do you think they were just having clean fun NO NO numbers a still sell…Lets make a pit stop by the side of Corner restaurant under the big almond tree see what and who you catch there for the same thing numbers drugs and being here illegally.I still cant figure out how these people live so good and got all the latest of everything and don’t go out and work.

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