Liquor board gives Archie’s probation

Grand Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Board placed a George Town bar on probation following a police investigation into criminal activity. 

Over the next few months, the board will be keeping a close eye on Archie’s Place on Shedden Road, looking out for any breaches or complaints. The board will review the status of the bar in September. 

Board chairman Mitchell Welds said at the beginning of Thursday’s quarterly board meeting, “Public safety is one of the main objectives of the Liquor Licensing Law. 

“Recently, we’ve been hearing about a lot of incidents that may have put the public safety at jeopardy,” he added. 


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Archie’s Place 

Earlier this month, police and immigration officers arrested nine people at Archie’s Place for drugs, gambling and immigration offences. According to police, they launched an “intelligence-led operation” on a Thursday morning, arresting nine people for various offences under the Misuse of Drugs Law, Gambling Law and Immigration Law. Officers also seized vehicles and a substantial quantity of cash during the operation. 

During the liquor board meeting, members heard a formal complaint from neighbouring property owner William Glasgow, a retired seaman who owns 15 rental home units next to Archie’s Place. Mr. Glasgow’s complaint alleged that Archie’s patrons had committed offences including hurling verbal obscenities, brandishing weapons, cooking and selling food from the trunks of personal vehicles, assault and public indecent exposure. 

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Chief Inspector Angelique Howell said the property is under investigation, but couldn’t elaborate further. 

Mr. Welds said if prosecutors secure any convictions due to Archie’s Place breaching the terms of its liquor licence, the board will take action. He said two or more convictions are required for the board to revoke a liquor licence. 

During the meeting, the board refused to grant permission to Constance Dixon to extend the licensed premises of Archie’s to include the use of an outdoor deck. 



During the meeting, the board also placed Nectar Nightclub on West Bay Road on probation. 

In January, police arrested a 34-year-old woman in connection with a slashing incident at Nectar Nightclub in Seven Mile Shops that left a 49-year-old man hospitalised with a serious injury to his neck. 

During the liquor board’s meeting, members considered an application from Luis Lopez for “permission to make alterations to the licensed premises” of Nectar Nightclub. The board deferred Mr. Lopez’s application until September and placed the premises on probation until that time. 

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  1. Does it matter what type of convictions takes place before removing a license – that sounds a bit lame to me.

    Surely the fact that drugs were found on the property as well as gambling being allowed to take place is a good enough to lose your license – We need to act tough to stamp out this crime wave. Otherwise they will laugh at you.

  2. It is so funny reading the comments on this article and incident…and now the LLB’s decision.

    It seems like some people who read these news reports think that they are receiving ALL the facts of the matter in the reported news; that is surely a laughable assumption to make.

    Archie’s Bar, like so many other liquor licensed establishments in Cayman, have been operating for many, many years…they are an established business.

    The obvious situation in regards to their neighbour, Mr. Glasgow, has also been an ongoing situation for many years…and obviously these two neighbours do not get along.

    Anyone from central George Town knows about the history of the entire situation, not just what has been reported in the news.

    Using the police to attack one’s enemies is a long-time, honoured tradition in the Caribbean…and in Cayman, in particular if circumstances exist in which one can do so…

    And obviously, bars and nightclubs are vulnerable targets for their enemies.

    The LLB has to take ALL the facts into consideration and anyone who thinks that just closing down a business is either easy or preferable are just plain vindictive and spiteful themselves.

    The LLB has greater concerns to deal with that just pure vindictiveness, spite and revenge on behalf of other people.