Injured burglar located, arrested

A burglary suspect who suffered head injuries during what police said was a break-in attempt at a Savannah home last week has been arrested.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said the man, 28, was arrested in the George Town area Sunday night. He was immediately taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, under police guard, where he received treatment for his injuries.

He was later placed in custody at the George Town Police Station, police said.
The suspect was struck in the head with a machete on Thursday, 25 July during what police described as a daytime break-in attempt on Sandy Ground Road.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said the man was believed to have sustained serious head injuries Thursday as he entered a house on Sandy Ground Road in Grand Cayman and a resident struck out with the machete as he saw the suspect climbing through a first-floor window.

Enquiries to date have suggested that the suspect left the house on foot. He then emerged from the Pedro Castle area onto Shamrock Road near to the Texaco gas station and Wendy’s at Countryside.

According to the resident burglary victim, who spoke to the Caymanian Compass on condition of anonymity, the suspect broke into the home on through a first-floor window just before noon.

“It cut him to the head, straight across, deep enough for you to see it,” the man said.

Police reported that the burglar who was injured was among three men involved in the incident. Officers said the other two waited outside in a vehicle, a green Honda Integra, while the other man 
attempted to enter the home.

No other arrests have been reported in the incident.