Escapee from 2009 back in custody

A prisoner who escaped from police custody in 2009 is back behind bars in Cayman after being escorted by police back from Jamaica on Thursday night.

Dainian Cecil Henry, a Jamaican national, is now being held at Northward Prison pending appearance in Grand Court on Sept. 6 for firearm and attempted robbery charges.

That same day he will also appear in Summary Court for the charge of escaping lawful custody to elect being dealt with in that court or the higher court.

On Friday, Crown Counsel Kenneth Ferguson told Magistrate Grace Donalds that Henry, 32, had waived his right to an extradition hearing. Jamaican police had arrested Henry in St. Ann in late December. Police from Cayman traveled to Jamaica to bring him back.

Henry escaped from George Town police station on Oct. 25, 2009, after pushing over a woman carrying a baby.

He had been in custody in relation to the firearm/attempted robbery charges when he escaped. A couple of weeks after his escape, Magistrate Donalds found him guilty in his absence of being concerned in the possession of cocaine with intent to supply (Caymanian Compass, Nov. 11, 2009). He was subsequently sentenced to 11 years.

The charges transmitted to Grand Court are based on an incident that occurred on April 19, 2009. Henry is accused of possession of a nine-millimeter Walther PPK without a firearms user’s licence and attempting to steal from a named person at a George Town residence, using force to do so.

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