Gamebirds are ruling the roost

The Burger King Gamebirds are at the top of the food chain on the rink.

Burger King are 2-0 atop the 2013 fall national inline hockey league at Kings Sports Center. The Gamebirds will put their unbeaten record on the line on Tuesday, Sept. 17, against the Mepco High Rollers at 9:30 p.m. Week three of the 12-week regular season also sees the Cayman Hot Sauce Flames facing the Deloitte Sharks at 8:30 p.m.

Evan Ellbogen is the sports director at Kings and a member of the Flames. The Montreal native gave a brief rundown of week two’s results.

“The Gamebirds beat the Flames, 7-4, and it was a hard fought game,” Ellbogen said. “Gamebirds had a full bench and the Flames had only six players so bench and puck management was key. After the first period, the game was tied 3-3 thanks to Randy Cannon’s stellar play. To start the third period, the Flames got off to a bad start as the Gamebirds scored two quick goals that couldn’t be overcome. Dan O’Flaherty had three goals and one assist in the win.

“The Sharks and the High Rollers tied 8-8. Both benches were short on players and so it came down to who wanted it more. This game was back and forth from the drop of the puck. Brad De Schiffert had a very strong game with five goals and one assist for the High Rollers, while the Sharks had a large contribution from all players.”

Deloitte are the defending league champions with talents like Dan Etherington. In spite of a so-so start, the statistics are positive for the Sharks as Etherington and defenseman Wayne Griffith are among the top scorers with four goals apiece. Burger King are leading the standings in large part due to the early brilliance of Eric Mildenberger, who has four goals and three assists.