Ganja discovered at Northward prison

Officers at Northward prison discovered and seized packages of ganja on three separate occasions this week. 

The latest find came on Wednesday morning when officers discovered a package of almost 9 ounces of what they believe to be ganja, as well as two plastic bottles containing white rum inside an old paint can near the tilapia fish tank at the rear of the prison.  

Officers found another package of suspected marijuana wrapped in duct tape and weighing around 1 pound on Tuesday morning. That package had apparently been thrown over the fence and was discovered near a “grow-box” area. 

On Sunday, prison officers found two similar packages, with almost 12 ounces of suspected ganja, on the prison grounds.  

In all cases, the packages have to be tested before officials can formally confirm that it is marijuana. 

“Since new prison director Neil Lavis adopted a zero-tolerance policy, officers have found and confiscated cell phones, smoking papers, alcohol and ganja,” a news release issued by the prison service read. 

It continued, “These finds were on the compound or in the process of being smuggled into the prison by inmates. Drug counseling is available to all inmates. Those found with contraband lose sentence remission time and other privileges. 

“Although the prison is secured by two parallel 15-foot security fences topped with razor wire, packages are occasionally thrown over these.” 

Following Wednesday’s find, Mr. Lavis said, “I would like to commend my staff for their recent success in the battle against the small minority who try and supply contraband into Northward prison. I would also urge those individuals to think long and hard about their actions.” 

He added, “Drugs and alcohol work against our efforts to stabilize the population, work with them to be clean from drug and alcohol use, and thereby returning them to society to lead law abiding lives.”  

Members of the public who throw contraband, such as illegal drugs, over the prison fence face criminal prosecution, prison officials warned. 


Prisons officers found these two packages, containing almost 12 ounces of suspected ganja, on the prison grounds Sunday.