Editorial for September 20: Baraud takes action

How many times have we suffered through refrains of despair and hopelessness over conditions facing the Cayman Islands and its economy?

Far, far more than we have witnessed announcements from people who actually have plans to do something about it.

It’s gratifying to see the private sector seize the initiative to assist the community when government has come up short.

Recruitment firm Baraud has done just that with its ReLaunch program that aims to provide 20 out-of-work Caymanians with training, paid positions and opportunities for full-time employment.

In addition to creating and spearheading the not-for-profit initiative, Baraud has also volunteered to pay the costs of pensions and health insurance for the 20 candidates. If the program shows promise according to measurable outcomes, then it could be expanded via a partnership with the National Workforce Development Agency and Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs.

It’s equally gratifying to see the government embrace a positive initiative put forth by the private sector, rather than preferring autonomous failure to collaborative success.
Employment minister Tara Rivers encouraged other private companies to collaborate with the workforce development agency to locate, place and train unemployed Caymanians, saying it “makes good business sense.”

While we may have found ourselves in disagreement with Ms Rivers, she’s absolutely correct on that point. Baraud’s ReStart program stands to benefit everyone involved. Unemployed people get a chance to improve their lives. Companies are connected to suitable candidates for necessary positions. The government receives assistance to help drive down local unemployment. Baraud is enhancing its reputation as a model corporate citizen.
The country, as a whole, will be better off.

Applause to all involved.


  1. Good corporate citizen indeed. Seems like the neglected business staffing plan finally in action. This is the kind of consultation that is worth paying for and duplicated.

    I remember not long ago Island Companies completed a retraining program when they closed some of their retail stores. Good examples are always good to follow, and improve on.

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