Helping hand for East End school

The Water Authority-Cayman board of directors has approved $800 to support East End Primary School’s after-school program. 

The program provides children a fun and safe environment once the formal school day ends. 

“The existence of the after-school program is, in part, reflected in the progress of our children over the past three years,” said Darrell Rankine, president of the Parent Teachers Association, who thanked Water Authority-Cayman for its support. 

Water Authority Director Gelia Frederick-van Genderen said, “The Water Authority is pleased to support the after-school program, which is helping to provide the children of the Cayman Islands with equal opportunities by expanding their range of knowledge in all areas to include music, dance, drama, physical education and literacy.  

“The education of our children is crucial to the development and future of the Cayman Islands and great care needs to be taken to ensure they have every opportunity available to them. 


Joanna Welcome-Martinez presents a donation for East End Primary Schoo to Donnalee Walton.