Missing fugitive may have fled the island

 Escaped convict Marcus Manderson
may have left the Cayman Islands,  police conceded on Tuesday, more than
two months after he broke out of prison. 

There have been no recent
sightings of the 25-year-old fugitive and police intelligence reports suggest
he is overseas. 

Manderson was serving a
10-year-sentence for possession of an unlicensed firearm when he escaped on
August 14 along with his father, Steve Manderson, serving life for murder and
Chadwick Dale, who was beginning a six-year-sentence for robbery.  

Dale and the elder Manderson
were recaptured within a month of the escape. Both have been charged with escaping lawful custody. 

But police confirmed yesterday
that, despite initial sightings, the younger Manderson remains at large with
the trail going cold.  

Detective Chief Inspector
Malcolm Kay, the man leading the investigation,  said there was no
evidence to suggest that Manderson was still in the Cayman Islands. 

He said, “In the first few weeks
of the investigation, the police received reports of a number of unconfirmed
sightings of Manderson throughout various districts of Grand Cayman. However,
despite intensive police efforts, which resulted in the two other escapees
being recaptured, Manderson remains at large. 

“No reports have been received
in recent weeks suggesting that he remains on island, and intelligence suggests
that he may be overseas.  

“This is still a very active
investigation and we are continuing to liaise closely with law enforcement
agencies in other jurisdictions in an effort to establish his current

Dale had pled guilty to escaping lawful custody and is awaiting sentence. Steve Manderson was listed to appear in Summary Court on Tuesday to answer the charge, but did not appear.

Marcus Manderson

Marcus Manderson


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