Escapee gets an extra year for prison break

Magistrate cites resources expended for recapture of prisoner

Chadwick Bradford Dale, one of three inmates who escaped from Northward prison in August, has been sentenced to serve an extra year at the end of his present term.

Dale, 22, was captured in the Cayman Kai area of North Side six days after escaping from the prison compound through a hole in the fence. He pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody during his first time in court for this charge. Sentencing was adjourned so that the magistrate could be advised of previous penalties for such an offense. 

During his next appearance, Dale indicated he wanted a lawyer and the matter was put off again. On the third occasion, and again last week, he said he did not want a lawyer, but then indicated he did. 

Magistrate Grace Donalds asked crown counsel Candia James how the court was going to progress the matter. 

“Just go ahead and sentence me,” Dale said. 

Ms James noted that the maximum penalty for escape is four years. 

Dale told the court, “I done plead guilty already and a lawyer wasn’t there. It’s my first time escaping out of prison – me can’t get four years for that.” 

The magistrate noted his previous requests for legal representation. “I don’t really want a lawyer,” Dale replied. “I can’t manage to come down here every time.”  

Ms James said Dale was serving six years for robbery and wounding. He had been a “Category B” medium-risk prisoner.  

On Aug. 14, during a routine inspection, it was noted that inmate Steve Manderson could not be accounted for. A further check showed that Manderson’s son, Marcus, was also missing and so was Dale. 

The magistrate said she thought that everyone in Cayman was aware of the offense. “I know a lot of resources were expended to re-apprehend you,” she told Dale. 

His sentence was one year, consecutive to his current sentence. Marcus Manderson has not been recaptured and police have indicated they believe he has left the Cayman Islands. Steve Manderson was recaptured on Aug. 28. He was due to be produced in court on Oct. 15, but was not brought. The magistrate ordered a production warrant for Tuesday, Oct. 29. 


Chadwick Dale was captured Tuesday by police in North Side.