Sixth man charged in WestStar robbery

Trial set for June 2014

Beaubijon Clarke, 20, pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges relating to the May 2012 robbery at WestStar Television Centre. 

He is accused of going to the premises on Eclipse Drive with three other people and using force or fear of force to steal $8,269.35. He is also charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit the robbery. 

Justice Charles Quin set June 30, 2014, as the start of his trial. 

Defense attorney Prathna Bodden asked the court for a copy of the summing up by Justice Alastair Malcolm in the trial of four other men charged in the WestStar robbery. Justice Malcolm found three of the men guilty. David Tamasa and Andre Burton were sentenced to 11 years each, and Ryan Edwards was sentenced to five years. 

Another man, Marlon Dillon, entered a guilty plea. He has not yet been sentenced. 

Justice Quin continued Clarke’s bail.