Devil Rays sinking to new depths

Months ago, the Deloitte Devil Rays were at the pinnacle of the local hockey world. 

Deloitte had won the 2012-2013 ball hockey title and were poised for more championship runs with a veteran roster. Now, the side sits last place in the Caribbean Creations Ball Hockey League, with matches taking place at Kings Sports Center. 

Dan Florek is one of Deloitte’s established players and said the departure of key talents has made all the difference.  

“We’re clearly off to a slow start to the season but we are definitely improving with each game,” Florek said. “We’ve got a lot of new players this year so we are still developing as a team and learning about our various strengths and weaknesses. However, we’re starting to gel as a team.  

“We lost a few key players in the draft and have also lost our two stronger centers, Rob Rintoul and Brent Forsyth, who both left the Island this offseason. They were both big play makers and are tough to replace. We drafted a strong center, Dan Allard, to try and make up for the shortfall but unfortunately Dan will miss this season due to an Achilles injury suffered paying badminton at a family BBQ. 

“Our defense has been playing strong and keeping us in the game, however, we’re a little lower than we’d like to be on the scoring charts. I think as we get more games under our belts, the scoring chances will grow naturally.” 

The 1-4 Devil Rays just registered their first victory of the campaign last Thursday. Deloitte defeated the Pirates, 5-2, thanks to goals from Mike Hall, Leo Kassam, Jason Perras, Dave Stadnyk and Brian Lehnerer. Kevin Hunter and Paul Strenk scored for the 2-1-2 Pirates, who rank second with five points. 

The 4-1 Sharks remain the frontrunners, thanks to a league-best 30 goals scored. Goalie Shawn Lunt and company beat the Barracudas, 7-3, as Brad De Schiffert and Claude Plamondon did all the scoring. Mike Bowden, Darryl Hather and Jamie Nelson nabbed goals for the losing side. With the loss, the Barrcaudas are third at 2-1-2. 

League action continues this Thursday, Nov. 7. Sharks challenge Pirates at 8:30 p.m. with Barracudas facing Devil Rays at 9:30 p.m. 


Serge Berube steadies the Devil Rays in net.


Rob Rintoul led the squad to a championship.


Brent Forsyth was a big part of the offense.


Mike Hall serves as Devil Rays captain. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES


Jason Windsor anchors the Deloitte defense.