RCIPS road safety campaign begins

The annual Royal Cayman Islands Police Service holiday season road safety drive begins Friday, Nov. 29, and runs until Jan. 5, 2014.

Drink driving, speeding, cellphone driving and failing to wear seat belts are just a few of the traffic offenses which will be targeted by RCIPS officers over the coming weeks.

Six people have died on Cayman Islands roads so far in 2013.

Police said enforcement tactics during the period will include road checks and high visibility patrols in the vicinity of bars and nightclubs. In addition, targeted operations will take place throughout the road safety campaign period to detect those who drink and drive, commit traffic offenses or use the roads for criminal purposes.

“As the festive season fast approaches and people start planning parties and family get-togethers, now is an ideal time to remind people about the need to stay safe on the roads, and not to drink and drive,” said RCIPS Superintendent Adrian Seales. “We urge people to make sure that having a designated driver, booking a cab, or employing a pick-up service is a priority and forms part of their festive planning.”

As of Thursday, 181 people have been arrested in Cayman during 2013 for drunk driving. Another 734 speeding tickets have been issued and 1,205 people have been ticketed for driving while talking on a hand-held cell phone device.

A total of 882 traffic collisions have been reported, with 22 resulting in serious injuries and six more ending in fatalities.

The 2012 holiday season road safety campaign ran from Nov. 30 to Jan. 4. During the campaign, 33 people were arrested for drunken driving, 98 ticketed for not wearing seat belts, 54 were using their hand-held cell phones while driving and 137 speeding tickets were issued.