Sharks hunt birds

The Deloitte Sharks have one more shot at a Cherry Cup berth.

The reigning champions of Cayman roller hockey are preparing for game three of the best-of-three opening round playoff series with the Burger King Gamebirds. Kings Sports Center will host the contest on Sunday, Dec. 1, at 10 a.m. The Sharks are the No. 2 seed after going 7-2-3 during the 2013 fall national inline hockey league. The Gamebirds are the third seed at 5-1-6.

Deloitte lost game one of the series, 5-3, before winning game two on Tuesday, 6-4. Burger King benefitted from the return of goalie Randy Cannon from injury reserve in game one, with multiple goals coming from Pete Holowchuk and Eric Mildenberger. In game two, the absence of Gamebirds defenseman Martin Wilson, the health of Cannon and the pressure from Deloitte players like Dan Etherington led to a Sharks victory.

Both teams are fighting for a berth in the Cherry Cup finals, where they’ll face the Cayman Hot Sauce Flames.