Reef owner decries oil dumping

The owner of the Reef Resort has hit out at people dumping used cooking oil on the beach near his resort.

Kel Thompson said dumping discarded oil or any other garbage on the pristine beaches of East End is a disgrace and he hopes the culprits will be found.

The Caymanian Compass reported Tuesday that more than 50 5-gallon containers of used restaurant cooking oil had been dumped on the beach. The containers were subsequently removed by the Department of Environmental Health.

“I’m disappointed that anyone would dump oil on the beach. The Reef disposes of its cooking oil correctly, and there’s no excuse for anyone not to dispose of their used oil properly,” Mr. Thompson said.

He said he was concerned that people may have thought the oil had been dumped by the Reef Resort.

“We would never do that,” he said. “We respect our environment far too much. Our guests enjoy the resort and its surroundings. They go on beach walks and enjoy being in the peace and quiet and serenity of East End. Why would we ever pollute our own back yard?”

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