Dart submits full Camana Bay plan

Next phase will see 101 new homes built

Plans have been submitted for more than 100 new condominiums and town houses within Camana Bay as the development continues to expand. 

Cayman Shores, a Dart company, has also submitted a planned area development application for the full Camana Bay project encompassing more new homes, roads and a “resort village” to be built over a 30-year period. 

The plans contained in the PAD application had already been unveiled by Dart in its original master plan for the development, which will eventually sprawl across more than 500 acres from the North Sound to Seven Mile Beach. 

Essentially, a PAD application is a request for a zoning overlay to permit land uses that may not otherwise be allowed in that zone. Even if the PAD application is approved, the developer must then obtain planning permission to build the actual structures.  

The application encompasses elements of the development that have already been built, including the town center, Cayman International School and offices. 

It outlines Dart’s intention to build the various parts of the development, described as the first new town in the Cayman Islands in 100 years, in seven phases. 

The project is currently in phase two, with the construction of new office space nearing completion in time for a 2015 opening, according to Dart. The next step, also part of phase two, is the construction of 101 new condominiums and town houses overlooking the North Sound. 

A planning application was submitted for that project this week alongside the PAD.  

Dart said in a statement that a time line for construction and sale of the homes, described as the first “for sale residential product” has yet to be determined. 

Further phases of the project, outlined in the PAD, include more residences, an “airport connector road corridor” and a Marina Village which will feature a mix of homes and commercial buildings. 

“The Camana Bay Planned Area Development consists of an assembly of lands that are being developed to create a livable and thriving new urban community, consisting of a high level of mixed uses in close proximity to each other. 

“The CBPAD will create a new community over its development period, providing new services and facilities to the Cayman Islands and creating the first new town in the Cayman Islands in the last 100 years,” the application states. 

Mark VanDevelde, chief executive officer of Dart Realty, said the application sets the stage to further the development of Camana Bay with “commercial, retail, educational, recreational and resort facilities.” 

Jackie Doak, chief operating officer of Dart Realty, said the application reaffirmed the company’s confidence in the economic growth of the Cayman Islands. 

“As Camana Bay’s 18 Forum Lane commercial building is on schedule to open in early 2015 and an anchor tenant has been secured, we are ready to look toward the next phase of development that would connect the existing Town Centre to the resort village located on Seven Mile Beach,” she added. 


Cayman Shores, a Dart company, has submitted a planned area development application for the full Camana Bay project.

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