Government budgets for 
100-plus staff increase

The number of people working for the Cayman Islands public sector is set to increase by more than 100 full-time equivalent employees, according to budgets reviewed by the Cayman Compass for the 2014/15 fiscal year.

The government’s annual budget statement shows a net increase in “full-time equivalent” positions of 73 jobs in core government ministries and portfolios compared to numbers in the current 2013/14 budget.

Meanwhile, statutory authorities and government-owned companies increase full-time equivalent positions by 53 jobs, according to the upcoming budget plan, when compared to 2013/14.

Full-time equivalent positions basically mean the number of hours worked that equate to a full-time work-week. One person working up to 45 hours a week would equal one full-time equivalent, and two part-time workers working a combined 45 hour week would also count as one “full-time equivalent” employee.

Also, just because a position is budgeted doesn’t necessarily mean someone will be hired to fill it if it is currently vacant. Government departments seeking to cut costs later in the budget year may choose not fill a position in order to save money.

Central government’s full-time equivalent staff was budgeted at 3,912 workers for the upcoming 2014/15 fiscal year.

The largest budgeted increases in full-time equivalent staff were in the Ministry of Tourism, with 26 additional positions, the Ministry of Home Affairs with 14 funded positions and the Ministry of Health, which planned 12 positions.

Other ministries and departments that increased staffing plans were the Ministry of Community Affairs (four positions), the Ministry of Finance (seven), the Ministry of Financial Services (five), the Ministry of Education (four), the Portfolio of Legal Affairs (four), the Auditor Generals office (two) and the Director of Public Prosecutions (one).

Staff numbers in the Cabinet office, the Ministry of Planning, and the Portfolio of the Civil Service shrank slightly when compared to the current 2013/14 budget.

Statutory authorities and government-owned companies reported overall full-time equivalent staff of 2,402 people planned for the 2014/15 budget year.

The largest proposed staff increases were seen in the Health Services Authority, with 29 new full-time equivalent positions, the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, with 14 additional positions, and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, which also had an addition 14 positions.

Other staff increases were seen at Cayman Airways (seven full-time equivalent positions), the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company (three), the Cayman Turtle Farm (three), the Maritime Authority (one) and the Sister Islands Affordable Housing Corporation (one).

Several authorities also decreased staff, including the Cayman Islands Development Bank, the National Museum, the Stock Exchange, the Cultural Foundation, the Information and Communications Technology Authority, the National Housing Development Trust, the National Roads Authority, the Public Service Pensions Board, and the University College of the Cayman Islands.

UCCI saw the largest drop in staff of any public sector entity: six full-time equivalent positions.

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