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Safety concerns lead to new parking lot for Spotts beach

Parking at Spotts Public Beach is about to get a lot safer. A new beach-side parking lot under construction means visitors will no longer have to park alongside Shamrock Road and cross four lanes of often busy traffic.

Public Beach vendors fined $500, vow court fight

A number of unlicensed vendors operating on Grand Cayman’s Public Beach were fined $500 last month and told to pay up or go to court.

Utilities law written without advice of utility companies

Legal drafters penning an 82-page law to create a unified regulatory office for Cayman’s utility providers did not solicit opinions from the half-dozen affected companies, instead they only consulted their controlling agencies.

Minister answers utility regulation concerns

In an eight-page response to Cayman Water Company CEO Rick McTaggart, government has sought to counter calls to withdraw and rewrite proposed legislation creating a single office regulating Cayman’s utility companies.

Cayman Water calls for utility law rewrite

Cayman Water has asked government to withdraw and rewrite a proposed bill investing a new utilities regulation office with broad unilateral powers to control the firm’s activities. The company says it was not consulted on the bill.

‘Racing’ DVDL inspector case goes to prosecutor

The traffic case involving a Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing vehicle inspector who crashed a car he was test driving on July 11 has gone to local prosecutors for a ruling.

Utility chiefs cautious on new regulations

Utility chiefs have reacted cautiously to Monday’s publication of a draft law creating a unified commission to oversee water, electricity, telephone and fuel providers, while dissolving separate regulatory bodies previously responsible for each industry.

Former administrator retires after more than 33 years

Henry Parchment has retired from his post as financial administrator for the Ministry of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure after serving more than 33 years in the civil service.

Casuarina trees removed around South Sound dock

People who questioned the removal of casuarina trees in South Sound last week got their answer from Ken Thompson, one of the owners of Davenport Development.

EDITORIAL – When government cannot even change a street sign

From time to time, a small issue becomes disproportionately large — to the chagrin, and possibly the misfortune, of those who chose to ignore...

Bush raises questions over vehicle licensing center

Cayman's opposition leader asks the governor to look into the construction of a vehicle licensing facility in Breakers.

North Sider now a UK pageant queen

North Sider Sheril McField has netted an unique accomplishment as the winner of Ms. Surrey Galaxy, a U.K. pageant.

Government agencies all pass audit test

Although some may have scored only a “C” in terms of taking a math exam, all Cayman Islands government agencies have managed – for the first time – to not entirely fail audits of their annual financial statements.

Health Services fails to collect $120 million since 2005

A number of government agencies have missed out on the collection of tens of millions of dollars.

Lawmakers vote for mandatory fuel import price reveal

Cayman Islands lawmakers Wednesday unanimously approved a bill that seeks to force fuel importers to reveal their pricing structure for gasoline and diesel fuel shipped to the islands, massively increasing fines for noncompliance in the process.

Government takes steps to new courthouse

The Ministry of Planning has issued a request for proposals for consultants to begin planning for a new court facility. The RFP asks companies to bid on the outline business case for a new building to replace the aging courthouse.

Government in dark on full property value

Even after a recent valuation, the Cayman Islands government does not know what all of its property is worth.

West Bay Road speed limit to drop in September

A plan to change speeds along Cayman's main tourism thoroughfare has hit a bumpy road.

National Roads Authority managers said Monday that none of the speed limit changes proposed after public consultation last year have taken effect, including one that would lower the limits along West Bay Road between Bay Town Plaza and the old RBS Coutts building near Public Beach to 30 miles per hour.

More cruise passengers: Their impact on Cayman

The proposed cruise berthing facility in George Town Harbour could bring half a million more cruise passengers annually, but can Grand Cayman handle such an increase in visitors?

Archer: Cayman's financial 'freedom' still needs work

The Cayman Islands may indeed emerge from the end of its 2015/16 budget without the United Kingdom needing to approve future government spending plans, Finance Minister Marco Archer confirmed Friday.

Major investment in roads on the way

The first phase of a major multiyear project to redevelop the roads around George Town is under way.

School choirs sing their hearts out

The Clifton Hunter High School Senior Choir won the overall prize at the Lions Club of Grand Cayman all-island Youth Choir Competition.

Government aims to relocate police station

As part of the revitalization of George Town, the government is looking to move the George Town Police Station, build a new court building, demolish the Glass House and create a green space, and open the capital up to mixed-use developments.

New head for government vehicle services

The government has appointed a new director of the Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services.

Judicial warrant issued for gov't employee

A public works employee has a warrant out for his arrest after he apparently fled Cayman.

Credit card expenses published, hard to find

Government ministries comply - in varying degrees - with directives to proactively release credit card statements.

Professionals trained in domestic violence issues

Government professionals are trained in dealing with domestic violence issues.

Builders Law to be resurrected

Cayman Islands construction companies and tradesmen will have to be licensed if amendments to the Builders Law, which was passed in 2007 and never brought into force, are passed in the Legislative Assembly.

Government budgets for 
100-plus staff increase

The Cayman Islands government plans for a modest staff increase during the 2014/15 budget year.

Health ministry names new CFO

Nellie Pouchie-Solomon is the new chief financial officer of the Ministry of Health.

Impact of cruise piers investigated

A team of consultants, headed by an international coastal engineering firm, have been hired to examine the environmental impacts of a proposed $200 million cruise ship berthing facility in Grand Cayman.

Dart committed to Beach improvements

Despite delays, developer Dart Realty says it is still committed to making US$3 million worth of improvements to public beach as part of its bargain with government.

Speed limit proposals going to Cabinet

The National Roads Authority received some 250 comments during its public consultation on proposed speed limit changes on several roads on Grand Cayman.

Chamber to celebrate agricultural sector

The next Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours will pay tribute to the contributions of the local agricultural sector.

Land registrar hiring ‘fair’

Civil service hiring practices come under closer scrutiny.

Plan: Lower Cayman speed limits

A National Roads Authority and associated Traffic Management Panel plan to revise speed limits will lead to lower speeds on several major thoroughfares around Grand Cayman.

Concern arises over lawmakers ‘dictating’ hiring

Civil service hiring practices, and elected lawmakers' role in those decisions, take center stage in the Legislative Assembly.

Committee: housing agency ‘catastrophic failure’

Calling the National Housing Development Trust a “catastrophic failure,” the Public Accounts Committee heard testimony last week about poorly built homes, decaying after only seven years, and a board voting itself 100 percent salary increases.

Esterley Tibbetts extension opens today

The two spurs linking Willie Farrington Drive and Batabano Road to the Esterley Tibbetts Highway will open Monday morning, according to the Ministry of Planning.

Highway extension to WB opens Monday

Phase two of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway Extension, extending to both Willie Farrington Drive and Batabano Road in West Bay will open to general traffic on Monday,

Record-keeping woes held up Beach Bay ‘quarry’ decision

A lack of written transcript of a Planning Appeals Tribunal hearing held up an official decision being issued for months.

Authorities announce board appointments

Cabinet this week named new boards of directors to three of the Cayman Islands' most influential authorities, renewing the tenure of each chair and at least one sitting member.

Key board appointments announced, ERA chair speaks

Cabinet has named new boards of directors at three of the Cayman Islands most influential authorities, renewing the tenure of each chair and at least one sitting member.

Beach Bay ‘quarry’ going to Grand Court

The Planning Appeals Tribunal disagreed with the Central Planning Authority over a proposal to excavate and sell fill in Lower Valley.

Garbage collection still not on track

A chronic shortage of working garbage trucks that saw rubbish collections throughout Grand Cayman halved earlier this year has eased off somewhat but problems still persist, the Department of Environmental health has admitted.

New Elections officers named

Governor Duncan Taylor appoints new Elections officers in the Cayman Islands.

New Elections Office team appointed

They won’t take their posts until well after the May general election, but Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor has announced three appointments to the country’s Elections Office.

Today’s Editorial for January 08: Changes to Development Plan overdue

A government-appointed committee has submitted its first report to the Ministry of Planning recommending 24 various changes to the Development and Planning Law and Regulations, or to Planning Department policies.

Violence breaks out, Ugland House volleys

Rankine murder verdict

Electrical contractors unite

An urgent meeting called for all electrical contractors on 7 May led to the formation of the Cayman Islands Electrical Contractors' Association.

Public concern over South Sound project

The Government has responded to public concern about a development along the coast in South Sound near OldCrewe Road.

Elevator recommendations made

Complaints Commissioner John Epp found maladministration by the Building Control Unit during his investigation into a complaint filed by Androgroup Elevator Ltd. with regard to the inspection of new elevators.

GOAP gets under way

The $85 million government office accommodation project officially got under way Friday with a groundbreaking ceremony on its site next to the Glass House.

Gov’t audits still lacking

Government entities have made virtually no progress on submitting financial records for auditing in recent months, despite Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbett's October directive to Chief Financial Officers to get their act together.

George Town parking crunch coming

The closing or restricting of several parking areas in George Town will have motorists scouring the roads for a place to park in the coming weeks.

CPA honours four

Four individuals who've made significant contributions to planning in Grand Cayman were honoured at the first Central Planning Authority awards.

Glass House architect visits

Ministry of Planning officials were surprised recently by a visit by Glass House architect Richard Brandon.

Elevator inspections coming

The government will require regular inspections of all new and existing elevators commencing some time within the next three months.

Fuel markup is high

The mark-up on fuel for wholesalers and retailers in the Cayman Islands is close to being the highest in the world.

Planning staff gets a boost

The Cayman Islands Planning Department has added several new staff members to its planning, compliance, inspection and administration areas.

Planning Tribunal hearings ‘blitz’ coming

The Planning Appeals Tribunal is preparing to start having up to three hearings a week to clear up the backlog of Central Planning Authority decision appeals.

Communication Ministry makes new appointments

Mrs. Stephanie Azan and Ms Tamara Ebanks have been appointed as deputy chief financial officer and assistant chief officer, management support at the Ministry of Communications

Butterfield roundabout lights up

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited will start spreading holiday cheer this weekend when their roundabout in Industrial Park lights up. The roundabout features a magnificent 30foot tree of lights adorned with garlanding, ornaments and bows.

UK electricians short-circuited

A strict interpretation of the Electricity Law is making it more difficult for Cayman contractors to hire electricians trained in the United Kingdom.

Roadside car selling to end

People who attempt to sell vehicles or boats by illegally parking them on the side of the road will face towing and stiff penalties in the near future.

Another Affordable Housing tussle

Another incident at the Eastern Avenue Affordable Housing Initiative site between former Cabinet minister Frank McField and National Housing and Community Development Trust manager Roger Bodden on Tuesday has led to the Mr. Bodden filing a report of assault with the police.

Ag department hosts fruitful visit

On 1 July, Minister of Health and Human Services Anthony Eden transferred responsibility for agriculture to Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts.

Electricity regulatory authority established

Cayman's electricity industry took a giant step forward on the path to introducing competition into electricity generation when the Electricity Regulatory Authority Law came into force on 12 April, says a press release from Government Information Services.

Report questions Private Financing Initiative

A newly adopted report questions whether value for money was being secured by using the private financing initiative in procuring new government accommodations.

Government sites sought

Cabint has given its OK to find new Government accommodations.

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