North Sider now a UK pageant queen

North Sider Sheril McField has netted an unique accomplishment as the winner of Ms. Surrey Galaxy, a U.K. pageant. A college student currently residing in Surrey, south east of London, England, the 31-year-old single mother of three won out against 100 competitors in the regional pageant to earn the title on May 14, 2015. The win makes her eligible to compete in the Ms. Galaxy U.K. 2016 competition that takes place in the new year. 

The U.K. Galaxy Pageants website states the company produces the U.K. Mrs. Galaxy, Ms. Galaxy, Miss Galaxy, Miss Teen Galaxy & Junior Miss Galaxy competitions. The winners of the U.K. Galaxy pageants travel to Orlando, Florida to compete in the Galaxy International Pageant. 

The judges at the Ms. Surrey Galaxy competition were said to have been impressed by Ms. McField’s striking smile and dark hair, and the achievement is part and parcel of a winning year for the McField family on both sides of the Atlantic. Ms. McField’s mother, Arena, of Hutland is a supervisor in the Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit, who received the Ministry of Planning’s 2015 Worker of the Year award this past February. 

Saying she was proud to represent both England and the Cayman Islands, the younger Ms. McField plans to compete in the Ms. Galaxy U.K. 2016 contest taking place next February. 

“Choosing my platform was not a challenge topic-wise, but it was mentally and emotionally,” Ms. McField stated in a press release. 

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“I’ve lost my very best friend Thailia Reddin 2 years ago by a malicious illness which she could not overcome. So I turned to her extraordinary role model, her mom Verda-Mae Scott, and with her permission, I chose to support Ovarian Cancer in remembrance of her. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity that God has blessed me with and I am thankful for my parents Arena and Richard McField whom are my ultimate heroes in life along with my aunt Sharon Banks whom is my Angel in human form. Without them I would not be where I am today. They say that it takes a village to raise a child and to all those who played a part in my life I am forever grateful, my roots [are] the Cayman Islands and without the roots there is no tree. So as I proceed to excel I will carry my beloved isle with me.” 

Reflecting on her own award, Arena McField said that while she is proud of her accomplishment, it was the culmination of many years of hard work, and a commitment to maintaining standards and perseverance, qualities she sees in her daughter. 

“She is a very determined, beautiful girl,” beamed Mrs. McField. 

“Since she was very young she has enjoyed competing in pageants, and is very lucky that she has always had the support of my sister, Sharon Banks in pursuing this,” she said. 

Sheril’s eldest daughter, Daiezha Rankine-McField is also a pageant star, having won the Miss Cinderella Tot contest in Cayman in 2002. 

Mrs. McField says she talks with her daughter, her only child, almost every day on Skype, and while she misses her she is proud of her daughter’s ambition. Mrs. McField was able to travel to England in early May to help her daughter prepare for the pageant, which gave her the chance to meet some of other contestants. 

“I was very excited for her, and for all of the wonderful girls who were competing,” she said. 

“They all looked so beautiful and they were such nice people. Though of course, I am just thrilled my wonderful child was deemed the winner.” 

North Sider Sheril McField is this year’s Miss Surrey Galaxy U.K.

North Sider Sheril McField is this year’s Miss Surrey Galaxy U.K.
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