Deputy Governor lauds hero officers

A Royal Cayman Islands Police officer and an Immigration Department officer received public commendations from Deputy Governor Franz Manderson Monday over their actions in rescuing a Caymanian teenager in Mexico.

Little was made of the incident earlier this year in a brief police press release that merely identified that a 17-year-old Caymanian male had been returned to the islands after he was located in Mexico.

The police gave few details of the situation, which apparently involved the boy going missing while on vacation. The circumstances of his disappearance were not discussed.

RCIPS officer Mark Green and immigration officer Darwin Bodden “demonstrate what is good in the civil service and the Immigration Department and the police in that they risked their personal safety to rescue a young Caymanian boy,” Mr. Manderson said.

“I’m very proud of them and they should be recognized for their bravery,” the deputy governor said.

According to Mr. Manderson, once local authorities were notified that the 17-year-old had not returned from vacation, they contacted Interpol and did a lot of research over many weeks into the situation.

“Finally, the young man was located in Mexico, of all places,” Mr. Manderson said. “Mexico has a reputation for violence, but despite this, these officers traveled to Mexico, where they were aided by the British Embassy.”

Mr. Manderson said former Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor, now the U.K.’s ambassador to Mexico, assisted in providing the officers with information and other support during their search.

“These two officers traveled to a remote area in Mexico, found the young man who was living in unfavorable conditions, and at considerable risk to themselves … brought him back to the [British] embassy and back home.”