Haines bonds cell phone firms


Derek Haines has thought up another revenue stream to achieve his $1 million Cayman HospiceCare target and in the process has united the island’s two main telecommunications companies. 

Mr. Haines runs the third of six marathons on Sunday, this time in Pamplona, Spain and is inspired by the fact that Digicel and LIME – normally arch-rivals – have united to allow their customers to donate through their cell phones money to Haines’s six4hospice campaign. 

Both companies have set up a code number GIVE (4483) where Digicel and LIME customers can text the word “Derek” to donate $5. Each text sent will cost $5 and 100 percent of all donations will go to the cause.  

Governor Helen Kilpatrick is patron of six4hospice, which launched in March. So far, more than $577,000 has been donated or pledged. The target of $1 million is for a new HospiceCare building in Camana Bay. 

Bill McCabe, chief executive officer of LIME and Brian Hurley, Digicel’s commercial director, said they were both impressed with Mr. Haines’ fundraising ambitions. 

Mr. McCabe said, “The thing is with Digicel and LIME, virtually everyone on the island has got a mobile phone so all we’re doing is raising awareness for this cause through our customer base. To get the country behind what Derek is doing is just the most tremendous course.” 

Mr. McCabe added that the intention is not just to raise money but also to raise awareness of the great service HospiceCare provides.  

“We’re hoping that the country will come out and support, both to cheer him on and to open their wallets as well,” Mr. McCabe said.  

Mr. Hurley said that this was the first time his company had worked with LIME but it had not been a difficult agreement to make. 

“Following the progress of the Hospice Challenge so far, they’ve had a lot of success within the corporate market and a lot of support from businesses,” Mr. Hurley said. 

“We’ve got the ability to get out to the wider community and come up with a simple [mechanism] to allow people to donate as little or as much as they would like, so it was a no-brainer for us to work with LIME on this.” 

There is no specific monetary target for this campaign, Mr. Hurley added, but even though reaching the $1 million figure is ahead of schedule, he emphasized that this is no reason to be complacent.  

Mr. Hurley said Digicel is going to create some other initiatives with LIME to show how easy it is to donate.  

“This is wonderful,” Mr. Haines said. “To get two business rivals working together like this is really is a great example to the community to work together on what is basically a community project.” 

He added that HospiceCare does not just touch one group of people but folks right across the board, from children to the elderly. 

“What a fantastic way to helping this project,” Mr. Haines said. “Everyone always says they have cell phones and it’s a two-second job to donate, not taking your time nor costing you a lot of money to text.” 

Mr. Haines thanked all the business community, individual donors and groups who have helped him so far, but emphasized that there is still a lot to raise. “I’m confident we will get there but it’s got to keep going.”  

Mr. Haines will do the 26.2 mile run in Spain with his daughter Lizzy. Next, he tackles the San Francisco marathon on July 27, then it’s Dublin’s on Oct. 27, and finally the Cayman Marathon on Dec. 7.  

For more information and to make a separate donation, go to www.six4hospice.com. 


Brian Hurley, Derek Haines and Bill McCabe are cell mates. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD