John Gray students celebrate graduation

New criteria used for the first time

Some 168 students officially graduated from John Gray High School last week, celebrating the milestone in a ceremony at Agape Church hall last week. 

Of the graduating class, 113 received level 1 diplomas – meaning they achieved at least five GCSE/CXC passes, including Maths and English. 

Ten received level two diplomas – five passes at C or higher, a further 37 got level 2 diplomas with honors – seven passes at C or higher. 

Eight students – the top performers in the end of Year 11 exams – were given the additional accolade of “high honors” for their impressive results. 

The results are primarily based on last year’s exams, and do not yet include further exams taken at CIFEC in year 12. The full results, including this year’s exam performances, will be released in August. 

Lyneth Monteith, principal of John Gray, said the students had performed well. 

“The school’s examination results are improving each year and this is a testament to the aspiration and effort of the students, the dedication and hard work of the staff of John Gray High School and, this year, the motivation and rigor provided by the new academic criteria established by the Ministry of Education.  

“The results are very encouraging and it is my expectation that the school’s results and preparation of our school leavers will go from strength to strength. 

“I wish the class of 2014 all the best and encourage them to continue to seize opportunities, take risks and allow themselves to be taught as they soar to even higher heights.” 

For the first time in Cayman, the Ministry of Education set a minimum standard for students – meaning they were required to achieve at least a level one diploma to graduate. 

Students were also required to achieve at least 90 percent attendance in years 10-12 and have had less than 15 days suspension in order to participate in the graduation ceremonies. 


Some of the top students from John Gray High School celebrate their graduation.