Chamber revives government performance survey

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is circulating a business questionnaire the organization has not issued since the 1990’s, now called the National Issues and Government Performance Survey, to all members for comment starting this week.

Chamber Chief Executive Officer Wil Pineau said all members, business owners and employees, are being asked to contribute their thoughts to the survey, which be used to inform the organization’s advocacy efforts going forward.

“This is your personal opportunity to get involved in shaping the Chamber’s public advocacy agenda,” a statement from Chamber President Johann Moxam read. “Your response will be treated confidentially so we encourage you to be frank with your responses.”

The 28-question survey focuses in the first part on business concerns relative to specific issues, including the economy, business costs, immigration, environment, crime and public safety and government spending among others.

Survey takers are asked to rate their level of concern about each issue identified as very concerned, moderately concerned, or not at all concerned. The George Town landfill, the cost of living, labor issues, privatization and education are also identified in the survey.

Question 14 lists a number of issues and asks takers to rate how important each one will be to the success of their business over the next two years. Government performance comprises the second half of the survey, with takers being asked to state whether they approve, disapprove or neither on the questions.

Among the questions asked are how the survey taker would rate the government’s management of public spending, education issues, immigration issues, tourism issues and financial services issues among others. The last two questions ask whether members approve or disapprove of the way Premier Alden McLaughlin and Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush are handling their respective jobs.

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