Online Poll: Cable television most popular

Television reception through a cable provider is most common in the Cayman Islands. Slightly more than half of the respondents to last week’s Cayman Compass online poll who reported having television said they got service through that method. 

Of the 396 total respondents, only 35 of them – 8.84 percent – said they didn’t have television at all. Of the 361 respondents who said they had television, 183 said the got service by cable through C3, Logic, WestStar or LIME. 

Another large percentage of respondents – 103 people or 28.5 percent of those with television – said they got service through a satellite dish or satellite provider. 

Fifty-three people – just under 15 percent of those with television – said they watch television through Internet streaming or an Internet service such as NetFlix or Apple TV.  

Only 22 people – 6.1 per cent of those with television – said they get free local television through an antennae. 

“I have over-the-air local TV by using a rabbit-ears antenna and the service stinks,” said one person, who called the reception “extra hazy, blurry and seedy” and said the sound on one of the local channels was “always very extra low”, adding that the volume can’t be raised. “This is a disgrace for national TV service.” 

Some respondents said they use multiple methods for television service. 

“I have two,” said one person. “Cable and satellite.” 

“Local TV through antenna and NetFlix,” said someone else. 

“Both LIME and Internet, but 80 percent on NetFlix,” added another person. 

“We have WestStar, Dish Network and Internet streaming,” said one television-rich resident. 

Many of the comments provided by respondents complained about some aspect of their service. 

“I’d use the local companies, but so far their service stinks,” said one respondent, who said he had been waiting three months for one company to install cable and that only two of the four local antennae service channels worked at his home. 

“I tried for over two years to get [one local cable provider] to fix my basic cable package and after six technicians and numerous calls, I have given up on any provider here locally,” said another unsatisfied respondent.  

Next week’s poll question: 

The Cayman Islands government is mulling the implementation of a U.K.-style academy system for public schools. What do you think of the idea? 

  1. Great idea! Cayman needs transformative change. 
  2. It could be good, but I need more information to decide. 
  3. It might be a good idea, but it will never work in Cayman. 
  4. It’s a terrible idea; Cayman’s public education system is fine the way it is. 
  5. I don’t know what a U.K.-style academy system is. 

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