Baker Tilly debut with high five in West’s absence

The first night of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League got under way with both Baker Tilly and Digicel dominating their matches.

Whilst Baker Tilly overcame the S & M Mixed Breed team, taking full advantage of them missing their best player in Marlene West and claiming all five matches.

A notable battle came from Gyles Luke – a Cayman junior representative – against the far more experienced Baker Tilly player Rick Bengle.

The youngster took the first game 11-4, Bengle bounced back and gained momentum in the second narrowly holding on to lead and forcing an error in the tie break to take it 13-11.

The third game swung back in Luke’s favor with him taking four quick points at the start of the game, he managed to hold onto this lead to go 2-1 up in games.

Bengle’s experience kicked in and he applied too much pressure, forcing Luke to make errors at the end of the fourth game. The fifth game was much the same whilst Luke’s fight was spirited, he couldn’t seem to convert the chances he had and eventually went down 11-7.

Julian Jervis lead the Digicel team to a crushing victory over UBS with a decisive 3-0 win, this was followed by Chris Hayman in the B match also winning 3-0.

Brian Hurley carried on the rout against Corbus Pietersen in the same fashion. It was only in the D string where UBS had the opportunity to grab a game when two of the three games went into extra time. Unfortunately they both fell Digicel’s way as Mark Mimnagh won 16-14, 12-10, 11-9.

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