Customers robbed at WB Road restaurant

About a dozen people were held up by masked gunmen late Thursday night at one of Cayman’s longest-serving restaurants in the Seven Mile Beach tourism district.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said two men with shirts covering their heads entered through the rear of Coconut Joe’s on West Bay Road at around 11:30 p.m.

Police said the men went through the kitchen holding “dark hand guns,” appeared out front and demanded cash from the employee working the register. Police said they then threatened customers with the weapons.

Restaurant staff said about eight customers were at the bar, a mix of tourists and locals. Several had cash, wallets and jewelry taken from them. There were also four employees in the restaurant at the time.

No one was hurt in the holdup and no arrests were immediately reported.

Thursday’s robbery was the fourth to occur since Sunday in George Town and was the third reported in well-traveled tourism areas of the district. Late Sunday, a man walking along the street on West Bay Road was held up by a machete-wielding man.

The next night, Da Fish Shack restaurant on North Church Street was robbed by armed men. A customer was also robbed in that incident.

In the predawn hours of Thursday, a man sitting in his car off Walkers Road was robbed of a cell phone by two armed suspects.

RCIPS officers have not stated whether they believed any of the robberies were connected. 



  1. I don’t get it… as an expat living on this island I get to see from an outside perspective the politics and perspectives of you, the citizens of cayman. You are more upset with people being evicted than people being robbed at gun point… why? What happens when the tourists stop coming?

  2. It’s an absolute shame that a tiny island (surrounded by sea) with a tiny population cannot control the crime that goes there. It won’t be long before Cayman will turn into another Jamaica or Haiti. Time for foreign nationals to rethink and pack up for new and safe shores. The policy of allowing money laundering and tax evasion is coming to bite this once beautiful nation hard.

  3. Jeff

    See my last comments to a Mr. John Ashley in response to his comments about armed police officers in Cayman.

    Mr. Ashley’s views is the majority view in Cayman…as long as the guns are not being stuck in their faces and them being relieved of their valuables, they don’t give a toss….’don’t rock my boat’ is the prevailing attitude.

    It is evidence of a very, very sick society and its been this way for a very long time now but…

    Their armed police officers do look very impressive in their gear…I’ll give them that.

    The proof of what its all good for is very evident in these robberies…that no one can argue with.

  4. What is the betting these are the same scum that robbed the Fish Shack?

    Someone knows who they are and is protecting them.
    Is there a law in the Cayman Islands about harboring fugitives?

  5. Yep this sucks but I have a question for Sid Krush. What’s with the accusations of Money Laundering and Tax evasion. How does that have anything to do with these losers robbing people. If and I say if there’s people in Cayman guilty of the crimes you mention you can best believe they aren’t the ones running around robbing people with machetes and sticking up restaurant patrons. This sounds like another crack at blaming these internal issues on other people, no one wants to believe that Cayman has a problem in it’s own backyard.

  6. Wake up cayman! Armed robberies are a significant problem. those that deny this are part of the problem. A sure certain way to turn investors and tourists away is the reputation of an increasing violent, unsafe country. Those that think this is an over reaction, please review other Caribbean nations in which this has occurred.

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