Man charged after attempted robbery

Patrick Elbert McField, 27, charged with two offenses that allegedly occurred after an attempted robbery in the early hours of Oct. 19, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday. He is not charged with the attempted robbery itself.

Crown Counsel Laura Manson said an incident happened on Shedden Road in the vicinity of Mary Street around 2 a.m. and involved two complainants. There were several people in the area.

McField reportedly arrived while the first complainant was being robbed. He was said to have intervened and chased the second complainant around a car and down nearby Tigris Street.

The first police report of the incident indicated that the attempted robbery victim had a heart attack afterward. The man who was chased was not the man who had a heart attack.

McField was charged with possessing an offensive weapon, a machete. He was further charged with using threatening behavior toward the second complainant with intent to cause him to believe that immediate unlawful violence would be used against him.

Following defense attorney Fiona Robertson’s argument for bail, Magistrate Valdis Foldats granted bail with a surety and strict conditions of residence and curfew. He also directed that McField refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages in public and report to The Counseling Centre for assessment.

The matter was set for mention again on Nov. 11.

By lunchtime on Tuesday, no charges had been filed relating to the robbery attempt itself.

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