Barracudas biting at Sharks to cement their league lead

Cayman’s top ball hockey team hopes to gain some breathing room. 

The Barracudas, 4-1-1, sit atop the 2014 Fall Ball Hockey League at Kings Sports Centre. The frontrunners will be in action on Thursday, challenging the 2-1-3 Sharks at 8 p.m. The other match at Kings pits the 2-2-2 Devil Rays against the 2-4 Pirates at 9 p.m. 

Thursday’s contests will be a repeat of last week’s fixtures. The Devil Rays delivered a 10-3 thrashing of the Pirates while the Barracudas took down the Sharks 6-2. Brian Lehnerer, Matt Stone, Jered Vienneau and Ben Woolf accounted for the Devil Ray goals while Derek Bruce, Jeff Hart and Paul Strenk scored for the Pirates. Evan Ellbogen and Francois Lamontagne carried the Barracudas to victory while Claude Plamondon scored for the Sharks. 

The statistics show little change among the top performers. Lehnerer leads the league in scoring with 10 goals, ahead of Ellbogen who has nine scores. Bruce is third with five goals. A three-way tie has emerged for the assists title as Stone and Leo Kassam of the Devil Rays, along with Dennis Paschier of the Barracudas, all have five assists. 


The ball hockey league is heading into its seventh week. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES

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