Scammer solicits nonprofit donations

Imposter pretends to raise funds for Friends of Film

More people are in the giving mood as Christmas approaches, and some scam artists want to take advantage of that spirit. 

According to Colleen Mellott, co-founder of Friends of Film, someone has been going door to door recently asking for donations to the nonprofit. Friends of Film would never knock on doors for donations, Ms. Mellott wrote recently to supporters, and the money is not going to her organization. 

Ms. Mellott wrote, “It saddens me that people would misrepresent the [Friends of Film] name for their own personal gain. We are a community group of professionals focused on networking and supporting each other’s work in the production industry, and do not fundraise.”  

Superintendent Adrian Seales, with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, said the police have not heard about the Friends of Film scam, but schemes like this increase during the holiday season. 

“The scammers are convincing and are using various strategies in an attempt to persuade persons to part with their money and to give out their personal details,” Mr. Seales said. If anyone has doubts about donation requests, they should not give money or personal information, he said. 

Badir Awe, a volunteer with Friends of Film, said he has heard reports of the scammer making a plea for donations in Governors Square, along Seven Mile Beach, and in South Sound. 

Mr. Seales said other scams the police service’s Financial Crime Unit is tracking involve “fraudulent advertisements being placed on local Internet classified/advertisement websites and also scammers calling local residents claiming to be from Microsoft Support.” He added, people should “always make effort to verify the legitimacy of any person or organisation who is offering a product or service or seeking a donation.” 


  1. On a day to day in the town you will see persons walking about doing this. Asking for money to support a cause. Or you will see them outside supermarkets, walking into restaurants selling candies and cookies in the name of Who?
    My question is why are persons allowed to do this without a license. I was in a restaurant last week when a woman came in walking around the tables with coconut candies selling. After she had sold a few the buyers after checking expressed that hairs were found in some of them and threw them on the table. The woman does not have a TB license, so why are these things allowed to happen here. Somebody is not doing their job.

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