Christmas beef inspections reminder

The Department of Environmental Health is reminding butchers to schedule inspection early due to the large number of requests.

The procedure in place to ensure delivery of safe meats to consumers during the Christmas holidays involves inspections by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Health to ensure safe slaughtering standards are met. Both departments must be contacted at least 48 hours ahead of the proposed slaughter time.

“The public is reminded that for their health and safety, they should be vigilant and desist from purchasing and or consuming meat from animals that haven’t been inspected and passed fit for food by Environmental Health,” said Food Safety Officer Gideon Simms.

“In cases where local meat is being offered for sale without Environmental Health certification, the department should be notified immediately as this is against the law,” he said in a press release.

According to officer Simms, only local meat that bears the Environmental Health [inspection passed] stamp is deemed fit for food and it is an offense under the Public Health Law (2002 Revision) for butchers to sell local meat, whether whole or in part, without being inspected and approved by the Department Environmental Health.

For more information, call the Agriculture Department at 947-3090, the Environmental Health Department at 949-6696, or Mr. Simms at 925-4582.

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