Robbery allegedly netted $3

Quatro Nassico Webster, 37, appeared before Magistrate Valdis Foldats on Saturday, Dec. 6, charged with stealing $3 from a person at the “Countryside Plaza” on Dec. 5 and using force at the time of doing so and in order to do so.

The magistrate refused bail and transmitted the charge to the Grand Court, where Webster is scheduled to appear on Dec. 12, via video link from Northward Prison.

Webster, a resident of the Bodden Town district, was not represented, and the magistrate advised him to apply for legal aid.

Police issued a press release on Dec. 5 about an incident that occurred in the parking lot of the Countryside Shopping Village, Savannah, on Thursday evening, Dec. 4. It stated that a man with a knife in his hand approached a woman and demanded cash. The woman’s two young daughters were with her at the time and a small amount of cash was handed over. A suspect was taken into custody.


  1. Severe early childhood traumas have a profound sensory impact on young children and has been associated with reduced size of the brain cortex. This changes may affect IQ and the ability to regulate emotions.Their sense of safety may be shattered by the frightening event. Children experience both behaviour and physiological symptoms associated with trauma.
    The fact that $3 was netted is irrelevant here. 3 people have experienced major, life changing event with unknown yet concequences to their emotional,mental and physical health.

  2. I agree completely with L. Bell on this. Whether it was 3 Dollars or 3 Thousand Dollars the severity of the act and the emotional effect on the victims is no different. Hopefully this guy won’t just get a slap on the wrist simple because she didn’t have a lot of money on her at the time and the fact that it was done with children there should make it even more severe, he should also get charged with endangering the children.

    These types of criminals are sprouting up all over Cayman, I can remember when the folks of Bodden Town ,North Side’rs as well as East Enders used to talk down about West Bay saying that it was full of Criminals and that was where they came from, well from what I’ve been seeing that is not a true statement at all, the fact is that this is an Island wide problem for Cayman as a whole yet very little emphasis is put on this subject by the regular protesters and those that like to rally the people up.

    I would just love to see one of those spotlight craving politicians pull the people together to rally against crime or use some of their influence to help start things like neighborhood watches.

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