Man admits GT burglaries, seven thefts from cars

A man whose guilty pleas closed the files on numerous unsolved crimes was sentenced last week to consecutive and concurrent sentences totaling 35 months.

Terrence Tex Bryan Jr., 27, appeared in Summary Court for 18 different cases, some of which involved more than one charge. Crown Counsel Laura Manson prepared a chart of Bryan’s offending in chronological order for her presentation of facts to Magistrate Grace Donalds. As part of her sentence, the magistrate ordered a psychological/psychiatric assessment for Bryan.

He was arrested on June 14, 2014, after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Items in his car at the time of the accident led police to question him about a burglary in Sandalwood Crescent, George Town, in which clothing valued at $800 had been taken.

He later indicated a willingness to admit other offenses. Police drove him around George Town and he indicated what he had done at various locations. Defense attorney john Furniss said there were matters that the police could never have proved without Bryan’s assistance.

One incident was the burglary of a South Church Street residence on May 24. Returning home late at night, the residents found the front door open and a chair propped up against a wall beneath an open window. Bryan admitted entering as a trespasser; nothing was stolen.

Other offenses occurred around the same time frame. Bryan admitted entering a premises on Melmac Avenue and stealing a bicycle. The owner, who has left the island, had not reported it.

He used a screwdriver to force a lock on the rear door of a house on Canyon Dawn Drive (off the East-West Arterial). Bryan admitted searching all the rooms and stealing two hats and a DVD player. He denied theft of a man’s watch, which was also reported taken.

Bryan admitted an attempted burglary at an apartment on Academy Way. He said he forced open the door, but then heard a noise and left. His intention had been to steal. He broke into a vacant property in another area of George Town and stole a grinder of the type commonly used to prepare ganja.

He admitted breaking into vehicles on Fairbanks Road, Melrose Landing, the parking lot at L’Ambience, Sunset Retreat, Willow Point, Lantern Point and Old Prospect Road. In four of these incidents, Bryan stole cash; in others a cellphone or sunglasses. Only in one incident was nothing taken.

One set of charges was for possession and consumption of ganja, while another related to traffic charges.

The magistrate expressed dismay on hearing that Bryan had assaulted his father in an incident outside Foster’s supermarket in Countryside Shopping Center. Ms. Manson said the two men were talking and then got into an altercation. Bryan kicked and punched his father, then hit him with a broom. Photos showed that his father sustained lacerations to his cheek, fingers and knees.

Bryan also admitted damaging clothing and furniture belonging to his mother at her home.

Mr. Furniss told the court that Bryan had been in custody since his arrest last June. He applied to be accepted into the Drug Rehabilitation Court, but he had a conviction for assaulting his girlfriend and the Crown objected to his application. The attorney asked that Bryan be given full credit for his guilty pleas and assistance to authorities.

The magistrate imposed fines for the traffic offenses and two years’ imprisonment for one of the burglaries. She activated eight months of a previously suspended sentence and made it consecutive, then added another three months for the assault of the defendant’s father. Other sentences, ranging from six to 15 months, were made to run concurrently.

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