Man jailed for overstaying

Defendant did nothing to regularize his immigration status

A man was sentenced to five months imprisonment for overstaying in Cayman since mid-2010. 

Michael Patrick Brown, 49, was sentenced on Thursday after pleading guilty to overstaying since July 3, 2010. 

Crown counsel Scott Wainwright said Brown had worked in Cayman as a landscaper since 1999. In September 2008, he applied for permanent residence with the right to work. The application was refused in 2009, but he was allowed to remain until 2010 because he was married to a woman with a valid work permit. 

Nothing further was done to regularize his status. His situation came to light when police questioned him in connection with a recent incident. 

Brown told authorities he knew overstaying was an offense. He said he and his wife had been staying with a friend, in the friend’s front room. Questioned by Magistrate Grace Donalds, Brown said he was still married and his wife was still on work permit. 

“Why didn’t you do something?” she asked. 

“I planned to do something, but time just run out on me, ma’am,” he replied. 

“From 2010? That’s a long time, sir,” she told him. 

Brown looked down and did not say anything. The magistrate imposed the custodial term and advised him of his right to appeal. 


  1. Not knowing is no excuse for the law. Finding out about our laws is very important by asking the right persons who know, not just anyone on the street who is not sure.
    The gentleman in question should have gone to the immigration and gotten information on how to remain here being married to a person who is on a work permit.

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