Underwater photographer unveils collection


A noted photographer has unveiled a collection of vivid marine life images from around the world at Sunset House. 

Marty Snyderman’s images of sharks, snakes, crabs, turtles and other marine life are located in Room 405, one of 22 oceanfront guest rooms at Sunset House, decorated with works from some of the dive industry’s best photographers. 

Mr. Snyderman, a writer, producer and speaker, as well as a photographer, said, “Grand Cayman is special to me … it has played a big role in my career and as an inspiration to me,” he said.  

His 32 framed photographs on canvas feature images taken in waters off the Bahamas, Malaysia and Mexico. 

Mr. Snyderman said he does not find one image more interesting than another. “All are unique. I like marine life and can understand if a person is not a diver … a lot of the pictures can look intimidating, but they are just big marine wildlife. When I look at the pictures, I realize that not many people on planet Earth get the chance to be with big animals up close.” 

Growing up in landlocked Arkansas in the U.S. and watching underwater films on television, Mr. Snyderman’s dream was to become an explorer like underwater pioneer Jacques Cousteau.  

He praises Cayman underwater photographer Cathy Church, whom he calls a legend in her class, for being instrumental in his career and a symbol for underwater photography around the world. A lot of his information on how to take underwater pictures, he said, came from people at Sunset House. He first came to Cayman in 1975. 

Mr. Snyderman works for Dive Training magazine, writing about his photography, his life, and marine wildlife. Dive Training, along with Vivid-Pic, sponsored his display in the signature room at Sunset House. 

“It is our pleasure to share the images of our undersea world that Marty has been taking and sharing for decades,” said Rick Voight, founder of Vivid-Pic, a photo-editing software. 

He added, “We hope that these images inspire others to capture the images they seek and share their adventures with the world.” 

Other photographers featured in signature rooms in Sunset House include Ms. Church, Courtney Platt, Jim Hellemn, Ellen Cuylaerts and Greg Piper. 

Sunset House General Manager Keith Sahm noted that featured photographers can change the displays in “their” rooms whenever they want. According to Mr. Sahm, the inspiration for the signature rooms came from another hotel’s display of the works of blown glass artists. Since the South Church Street hotel is synonymous with diving, it chose to feature some of the best underwater photographers in the world. 


This hammerhead shark photograph by Marty Snyderman adorns the wall of Room 405 at Sunset House.


Marty Snyderman with the photographs in his signature room at Sunset House. – Photos: Jewel Levy


  1. Clearly the underwater photographers named as well as Mr Snyderman are among the most skilled in the world. I would urge them to select photographs taken locally to display in their signature rooms.
    Sincere congratulations to all.

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