Little Cayman auction to be held this weekend

The Little Cayman branch of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands will hold its annual Easter auction this weekend. 

The event, which consists of a silent auction and a live auction led by Peter Hillenbrand, will be held at the National Trust Building on Saturday. This is the 23rd year the auction will be held. 

Among the items for sale are several paintings by local artists, as well as underwater photographs. 

One of the items is the first print of a new limited edition image of Bloody Bay Wall by photographer Jim Hellemn, called “Red Ropes, Black Jacks.” The 14×36-inch print on aluminum composite has a retail value of $1,500. 

Jewelry is also up for sale, including a handmade cocktail ring of 18-carat gold and 4-carat natural black star sapphire by Little Cayman goldsmith Alan Walker, with a design reminiscent of the branching patterns of coral reef.  

A signed copy of Pat Shipman’s new book, The Invaders: How Humans and Their Dogs Drove Neanderthals to Extinction, will also be available.  

Other items up for grabs are a handcrafted mahogany blanket chest by craftsman Dave Padega, a wooden bird carving by Reid Goforth, a hand-blown glass platter from Pam Sutton’s Crystal Wind Glassworks, among many others.  

All the auction items can be viewed on the Little Cayman National Trust Facebook page. 

Proceeds go to designated local projects, including an initiative to combat invasive green iguanas called “Green Iguana Begonna” and the ongoing Sister Islands Rock Iguana Protection Project. 


Handcrafted wooden blanket box by Dave Padega.


Bloody Bay Wall print by Jim Hellemn.


Carving by Reid Goforth.